Tournament Case

The case for the 2023 Osgoode Cup is R v Tessier, 2022 SCC 35.

Every year, the Osgoode Cup organizing team selects a real Canadian case to be appealed to the fictional “Court of Osgoode Hall”. Teams of two students will take the side of either the appellant (the side trying to overturn the decision) or the respondent (the side trying to uphold the decision). Historically, the tournament’s cases have been high-profile criminal or constitutional decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada or a provincial Court of Appeal, however we may choose any case from any jurisdiction across Canada.
Take a look at some of the cases we’ve used for previous tournaments here:
2022 Osgoode Cup: Toronto (City) v. Ontario (Attorney General), 2021 SCC 34.
2021 Osgoode Cup: Nevsun Resources Ltd. v Araya, 2020 SCC 5
2020 Osgoode Cup: Groia v Law Society of Upper Canada, 2018 SCC 27
2019 Osgoode Cup: R v Le, 2018 ONCA 56
2018 Osgoode Cup: R v Alex, 2017 SCC 37
2017 Osgoode Cup: R v Williamson, 2016 SCC 28
2016 Osgoode Cup: R v Gauthier, 2013 SCC 32
2015 Osgoode Cup: R v Fearon, 2014 SCC 77
2014 Osgoode Cup: R v Gomboc, 2010 SCC 55
2012 Osgoode Cup: R v Sinclair, 2010 SCC 35
2011 Osgoode Cup: R v Cornell, 2010 SCC 31