We are often asked ‘how do I to qualify for the Osgoode Cup’ or ‘do I qualify for the Osgoode Cup’.

In order to compete at the Osgoode Cup both members of each team must:

-Be currently enrolled at the same Post-Secondary institution.

-Neither member may be (or have ever been) enrolled in a Juris Doctor, LL.B. or equivalent program that leads to being licenced as a Lawyer in Canada;

-Members may be enrolled in any other degree program including diploma, certificate, bachelors, masters or doctorate programs;

-Neither member may be a licenced Paralegal;

-Neither member may be a current applicant through the NCA system for transfer of foreign legal credentials.

Note: The organizers are not responsible for checking the qualifications of those who certify that they meet the above criteria. Should a participant believe that another participant does not meet the above they must submit a non-anonymous complaint to andrew@monkhouselaw.com and set out the reason and evidence behind their belief.