Do I Qualify to Compete?

Because the Osgoode Cup is strictly for undergraduate students in post-secondary university or college, there are some requirements that both team members must satisfy to be eligible to compete.

In order to compete at the Osgoode Cup, both members of each team:

1. Must be currently enrolled at a post-secondary university or college.

Because teams of two represent their undergraduate post-secondary university or college, both team members must currently be in undergraduate studies there. That’s probably where all your friends (and future mooting champions) are anyways.

If two students from two different schools wish to compete as a team, those members must 1) request (via email) and receive approval from the Osgoode Cup Organizing Team upon registering, and 2) declare one of the students’ schools which the team will compete under.

2. Can be enrolled in any degree program including but not limited to a diploma, certificate, bachelor, masters or doctorate program.

There is no specific diploma, certificate or bachelor program required to compete, nor is the Osgoode Cup limited to pre-law or legal studies students. We frequently welcome mooters from a variety of academic faculties and backgrounds!

3. Cannot be currently enrolled or previously enrolled in a Juris Doctor (JD), LLB or equivalent program which leads to being licensed as a lawyer in Canada.

Sorry, Elle Woods: Because the Osgoode Cup is for undergraduate students only, current or previous law school students may not compete. However, if you are a current or previous law student, we would love to have you judge!

4. Cannot be a licensed paralegal.

For the same reasons as above, paralegals may not compete, however we would love to have you judge!

5. Cannot be a current applicant through the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) system for transfer of foreign legal credentials.

Law students who are in the process of receiving NCA accreditation for a law program outside Canada or a Canadian civil law program (i.e. for the Qu├ębec Bar) are also barred from competing.

If you see something, say something.

Unfortunately, the Osgoode Cup team does not have the ability (or the P.I. budget) to ensure that all students competing at the tournament are in compliance with the above criteria. Should a participant have reason to believe that a partner, team member or opponent does not meet all of the above criteria, that student must submit a non-anonymous complaint to and set out both the reason(s) and evidence for their complaint.

The Osgoode Cup team reserves the right to immediately remove or prevent the registration of entrants who have breached the above requirements at any Osgoode Cup; past, present or future.