The 2020 Osgoode Cup Results (Winners: Nicolas Gil & Steven Marchand, Carleton University)

Carleton University wins third Osgoode Cup, Joseph Groia and others share lessons about Supreme Court advocacy

From left to right: Finalists Brandon Case and Husoni Raymond, tournament organizer Andrew Monkhouse, champions Steven Marchand and Nicolas Gil

The 2020 Osgoode Cup was the sixteenth annual iteration of the event.

The event was notable for it’s many great speakers, including Mr. Joseph Groia, zealous advocate and lawyer, who was the highlight feature and subject of the moot.

Groia on Groia v. Law Society of Ontario

As well introductory speaker Caryma S’ad and keynote speaker for the banquet Domenic Bianchi were able to share their knowledge at the banquet.

The Chief Justice of the event was Domenic Bianchi, noted Toronto lawyer at Guzzo Bianchi Leung Viskovic LLP and part of the winning team of the inaugural Osgoode Cup in 2005.

The 120 teams (240 participants) registered in four preliminary moots on Saturday March 7th, making 2020 the largest Osgoode Cup ever by number of entrants.

After the preliminary round the top 16 teams were selected to moot on the Sunday, March 8th in a single elimination format. The teams in the final completed eight moots over the course of the weekend.

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Final Round Video:

Our Osgoode Cup 2020 Champions are:
Nicolas Gil & Steven Marchand (Carleton University)

2020 Finalists:
Husoni Raymond & Brandon Case (St. Thomas University)

2020 Semi Finalists:
Madeline Cleland & Adam Wyville (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Elizabeth Hamilton & Elena Ferjani (Humber College)

2020 Quarter Finalists:
Sarie Lakes & Victoria Loucks (St. Thomas University)
Valeria Espinal & Marc Edgar (St. Thomas Unversity)
Amelia Eaton & Paige Chu (University of Toronto)
Maria Hutt & Ian MacDonald (University of Toronto)

2020 Round of Sixteen Mooters:
Chloe McElhone & Mackenzie Faulkner (University of Guelph)
Ramla Huessein & Masuud Issa (York University)
Samar Narula & Ethan Saks (York University)
Sami Islam & Hannah Beltran (Carleton University)
Andrea Ho & David Baldridge (University of Toronto)
Fawaz Halloum & Garvin Brutus (Concordia University)
Syd Tayor & Quinn Bunke (Concordia University)
Sarah Tyler & Sepideh Afshar (McGill University)

Top Advocacy Awards

2020’s Top Advocate: Husoni Raymond (St. Thomas University)

2020’s Distinguished Advocates (in no particular order):

Brandon Case (St. Thomas University)
Samuel Pevalin (Carleton University)
Samar Narula (York University)
Madeline Cleland (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Sarah Tyler (McGill University)
Marc Edgar (St. Thomas University)
Jamie Pudwell (Carleton University)
Amelia Eaton (University of Toronto)
Ethan Saks (York University)

The Round Pairings and Judges (note, some changes in teams/judges occur after these preliminary lists go live):

Round 1 Pairings

Round 2 Pairings

Round 3 Pairings

Round 4 Pairings

We would like to thank our dedicated team of volunteers, as well as the over 150 volunteer Lawyers, Law students, Professors, and Judges who came out to judge at the cup this year.

All the best and we hope to see you next year.


Andrew Monkhouse
Toronto Employment Lawyer
Osgoode Cup Co-Organizer – 2020
Barrister and Solicitor

Rachel Flommerfelt
Monkhouse Law
Osgoode Cup Co-Organizer – 2020

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