Osgoode Cup 2017 Results (Winners: David Barmes & Kareem Almusharaf – McGill)

Osgoode Cup 2017 Results

The 2017 Osgoode Cup was the thirteenth annual iteration of the event. The Chief Justice of the event was Justice Rothstein, formerly of the Supreme Court of Canada who honoured the competition with both his keynote address at the banquet and judging the final round.

The 100 teams competed in four preliminary moots on Saturday March 4th. After the preliminary round the top 16 teams were selected to moot on the Sunday, March 5th in a single elimination format. The teams in the final completed eight moots over the course of the weekend.

Our Osgoode Cup 2017 Champions are:
David Barmes & Kareem Almusharaf – McGill University

2017 Finalists:
Kyle Dowd & Shani MacIsaac – Carleton University

2017 Semi Finalists:
Ayushi Thakur & Maddie Freeman – University of Toronto
Christopher Ivancic & Alex Marshall – Memorial University

2017 Quarter Finalists:
Michael Lee & Cole O’Reilly – Carleton University
Anish Kamboj & Awale Ali – York University
Albina Mamonkina & Jasleen Kaur – York University
Teodora Pasca & Ema Ibrakovic – University of Toronto

2017 Round of Sixteen Mooters:
Steven Mounouchos & Khurram Shamim – York University
Tudor Gagea & Daniel Pallag – Humber College
William Kinahan & Monica Morana – Seneca College
Dominique Gregoire & Jishian Ravinthiran – McGill University
Eric Bryce & Andrew Kidd – University of Toronto
Jaaron Pullenayegem & Puneet Aujila – Sir Wilfrid Laurier University
Harshita Iyer & Sarah Tyler – McGill University
Reema Bakshi & Matthew Cameron – Carleton University


2017’s Top Advocate: Sarah Tyler – McGill University

2017’s Distinguished Advocates (in no particular order):
Tudor Gagea – Humber College
Ayushi Thakur – University of Toronto
David Barmes – McGill University
Seamus O’Brien – Memorial University
Kyle Dowd – Carleton University
Andrew Kidd – University of Toronto
Matthew Cameron – Carleton University
Harshita Iyer – University of Toronto
Cole O’Reilly – Carleton University

The Round Pairings and Judges:

Round 1 Pairings – TEAMS

Round 1 Pairings – JUDGES

Round 2 Pairings

Round 3 Pairings

Round 4 Pairings

We would like to thank our dedicated team of volunteers, as well as the over 100 volunteer Lawyers, Law students, Professors, and Judges who came out to judge at the cup this year.

All the best and we hope to see you next year.


Andrew Monkhouse
Toronto Employment Lawyer
Osgoode Cup Co-Organizer – 2017
Barrister and Solicitor

Andrea Hossack
Monkhouse Law
Osgoode Cup Co-Organizer – 2017