For the 2021 Virtual Moot: No accommodations are required. The moot will be virtual.

For Physical moots:

For those coming in from out of town the suggested hotel for this tournament is the Holiday Inn Express (their ads promise to make you all smarter). The closest Holiday Inn Express is located at 30 Norfinch Drive, North York, Ontario. Their price includes parking, breakfast, wi-fi and all the other amenities listed on their website.

For those looking to save money and are less picky you can also use to find for a close-by hotel at a discount rate. However, you will not know what hotel you are booking so you might end up as far away as 7 miles from York U. Tip: try using to figure out which hotel the Hotwire hotel is likely to be before you bid.

Also consider taking advantage of our Toronto location by contacting family or friends who live in the area if staying in a hotel is too restrictive and billeting is unavailable.