2016 Cup (Winners: Kathryn Brklacich & Jenous Lorestani, Seneca)

Osgoode Cup 2016 Results


The 2016 moot is spectacular for the strong showing of paralegal colleges with Seneca College finishing first following up on their finalist showing in 2015. Humber College also took home the coveted ‘top oralist’ award.

The 2016 Osgoode Cup was the twelfth annual iteration of the event. Students have seven to ten minutes each to present their legal arguments to one or more judges in an ‘appeal-style’ format. Participants are required to argue for both sides.

The 2016 event was the largest thus far with 106 teams (212 participants) competing and over 100 law-trained judges including lawyers, law students, and sitting members of the Bench.

The 106 teams competed in four preliminary moots on Saturday March 12th. After the preliminary round the top 16 teams were selected to moot on the Sunday, March 13th in a single elimination format. The teams in the final completed eight moots over the course of the weekend.


Our Osgoode Cup 2016 Champions are:


Kathryn Brklacich and Jenous Lorestani – Seneca College

2016 Finalists:
Juliette Mueller and Rachel Abrahams – McGill

2016 Semi Finalists:
Samantha Juman & Lynn Tay – Ivey (Unviersity of Western Ontario)
Ayushi Thakur & Madeleine Freedman – U of T

2016 Quarter Finalists:
Sara Liden & Tara Lisowski – Humber
David Ionis & Jordan Brezer – Carleton
Josh Morency & Nick Twarog – Carleton
Mira Pijselman & Emmy Fu – U of T

2016 Round of Sixteen Mooters:
Harshita Iyer & Mitchell Clarke – McGill
Michael Liu & Andrew Lawrence Helsdon – Ivey
Kassandra Poirrier & Graeme Mclaghlin – Carleton
Tudor Gagea & Daniel Pallag – Humber
Megan Shanklin & Sarah McCreary – McGill
Avery Dawes & Ryan Daly – Carleton
Michael Hougen & David Barmes – Carleton
Alexandra Portnoy & Anoop Kalsi – Seneca

2016’s Top Advocate:
Tudor Gagea – Humber College

2016’s Distinguished Advocates (in no particular order):
Spencer Arbuthnot
Jordan Brezer
Rachel Abrahams
Jeremy Brodeur-Urbas
Kathryn Brcklacich
Juliette Mueller
Jenous Lorestani
Graeme Mclaghlin
David Ionis

The Round Pairings and Judges:

Round 1 Pairings (TEAMS)

Round 1 Pairings Judges

Round 2 Pairings Teams

Round 2 Pairings Judges

Round 3 Pairings Teams

Round 3 Pairings Judges

Round 4 Pairings Teams

Round 4 Pairings Judges

The final round can be viewed below:

Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page at 

We would like to thank our dedicated team of volunteers, as well as the over 100 volunteer Lawyers, Law students, Professors, and Judges who came out to judge at the cup this year.

All the best and we hope to see you next year.


Andrew Monkhouse
Toronto Employment Lawyer
Osgoode Cup Convenor – 2016
Barrister and Solicitor

Clifton Yiu
Monkhouse Law
Osgoode Cup Co-Organizer – 2016